Morgan’s Miami – Big Taste, HUGE Quantity

I’ve officially eaten at Morgan’s in Wynwood for brunch, lunch, and dinner! I’ve gotta say… I have not been disappointed at any of my visits. It’s really become one of my go-to spots for lunch meetings, lazy weekend brunch, and catch-up sesh’s with my friends. There’s something about homemade comfort food with GINORMOUS portions. I love getting my money’s worth – and this ain’t no tapas restaurant!


Yeah… Soak that all in. Morgan’s Pillow Light Brioche French Toast ($12) was heavenly. The brioche was thick-cut, perfectly toasted, and coated in egg, powdered sugar, and cinnamon butter. I didn’t even need to add maple syrup to it. It literally melted in my mouthhh.

My friend, Jen, ordered their Frenchman Sandwich ($10) with fried eggs, arugula, boursin cheese, and ham. Not only was this breakfast sandwich the size of the football Stephen Morris was throwing later that day at the UM v. FSU homecoming game, but it was full of fresh ingredients with amazing flavor. I don’t enjoy runny yolk (shhh) so I tasted a non-runny yolk portion, and was very pleased. I’m also not much of a breakfast sandwich sort of girl (don’t get me wrong, I love ’em, but I prefer to go the more traditional route and save sandwiches for lunch – coming up next) so next time I come for brunch, I’ll probably try another “traditional” breakfast item. Jen could NOT get over the boursin cheese spread on the brioche. I thought I was going to have to order the brioche with cheese to-go!


I had a great lunch meeting with fellow #SeaTweetup attendee, Jared, at Morgan’s the other day. I ordered a delectable pulled pork sandwich that is not featured on the online lunch menu (for shame), but if you go, I highly recommend this savory sandwich. I am often skeptical about ordering pulled pork sandwiches in Miami because no pork can compare to Iowa pork, but I figured I’d give Morgan’s a shot. I don’t think I left even the tiniest sliver of pork on my plate… It was delish! Plus, the “side” salad (double the size of my sandwich) was a great refreshing and healthy choice to accompany it versus fries.


This was the second time I’ve seen Morgan’s meatloaf grace us with her huge ass presence (why she’s female, I do not know). I ordered this meatloaf the first time I ever dined at Morgan’s. This time my friend, Kristine, ordered it, and I wish I had photographed her face when it came out because she had that whole “WTF is with this slab of cow on my plate” 🙂 I have to admit, meatloaf is one of my all-time favorite foods, and Morgan’s delivers this loaf of beef with green beans and mashed potatoes – that’s what I was raised on! So amazingly delicious, and you’ll leftovers for days…

Another one of my childhood favorites – chicken pot pie. I don’t know how I wasn’t one of those obese children in middle American because I literally ate like a 40 year-old man living in Iowa – meat, potatoes, chicken nuggets, fast food, and chicken pot pie (the frozen fatty kind). Well, this childhood favorite can now be found at Morgan’s where it’s twice the size of my head and comes NAKED. Yep, you won’t see this chicken and veggie stew stuffed into a flaky pastry, but rather, topped with the flaky pastry in two star-shaped (or gingerbread man-shaped) pieces. This was the perfect dish to welcome Miami’s cooler temperatures 🙂

Comparing the size of the bowl with normal-sized table utensils and glasses…

Bigger than my face! Nommmmms!

To top it all off, the servers at Morgan’s are wearing shirts that give a shout-out to their Twitter @MorgansMiami. And our server was honest and amusing. I asked about the mac ‘n cheese, and he said they were out of the usual pasta that night so he highly recommended NOT ordering it. I respect honest servers (and people in general) as I’ve been there, done that.


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