#NYC Worst Eats

I just returned from my new favorite city – The Big Apple. So many of my friends gave me lots of eating suggestions for my visit so I decided to try a few out as well as trust the judgement of my friend I was staying with. In addition to experiencing some seriously amazing eats, I also tasted some things I’d never go back for again. So… Here’s my list of NYC’s WORST eats (to be followed by best eats soon – stay tuned). Also, keep in mind that these places are better than McD’s, but they’re just not worth the hype or $$$$$.

Magnolia Bakery

Of course I had to try this legendary cupcake bakery as it was one of the cupcake pioneers and it has been featured in Sex & The City. My oh my… What a disappointment. Sure, the frosting is light and whipped, but BLAH. There was no flavor. It was not moist. I didn’t understand the whole edible sticker thing on top. And it was just… BLAH. Not to mention inside the bakery was a zoo! So. Not. Worth. The. Hype.


Peter Luger Steakhouse

We ended up here at Peter Luger for a variety of reasons. 1) It was my friend’s sister’s birthday so we wanted a fancy celebration dinner. 2) The Yelp reviews were all pretty positive. 3) It’s one of NYC area’s (because it’s located in Brooklyn) most iconic steakhouses. I’m talking… Old-fashioned steakhouses where they use pen and paper to record reservations, don’t use social media, and really haven’t changed much, if anything, since becoming established in 1882.

We started off with Luger’s sizzling bacon (pictured below). It was nothing like traditional American bacon. It was thick-cut and tasted like Canadian bacon slash Australian bacon. We were a bit confused… Very fatty. Nothing great about it.


Next up – the steaks… I ordered a small (10 oz.) single steak filet which came with a side of fries. My friends ordered the steak for two which was ribeye. Okay, the only cool thing about these pieces of meats were the fact that they rest them on upside down plates so that all the oil and juices drain to one side of the plate and serves as a dressing for your steak. The steak was SO FATYY, had ZERO FLAVOR, was CHEWY, was NOT SEASONED, and was such a disappointment. When you’re dropping good $$$$$ for a high-end restaurant known for their steaks, you expect better. Honestly, the butter (not to be mistaken with the bread) served with our bread in the beginning of our meal was better. As for the Luger’s special German fried potatoes… They were okay. They had seasoning and flavor to them, but I felt like I could get them elsewhere cheaper. Sorry for the awful pics, but the lighting wasn’t too great in there.




The cherry on top of the night (literally) was a surprise birthday ice cream sundae. OMG SO GOOD. This dessert really lifted our spirits from our crappy ass steaks and made us leave on a better note. This huge masterpiece consisted of a cakey layer on the bottom topped with chocolate topped with chocolate mousse topped with chocolate topped with whipped cream (their specialty) topped with cherries and pecans. I don’t know what else was in there, but it was all heavenly 🙂



As for the service at Peter Luger – I give them an F. Our waiter treated us SO differently compared to the “adults” next to us. Here’s some words of widsom to you servers – don’t effing judge your customers by age. We left broke and dissatisfied and still managed to tip 20%.


The Smith

Ahhh The Smith. Two very well-respected friends suggested to dine here for brunch and dinner. We chose to grace them with our presence for Sunday brunch (because that’s the New Yorker way).


The cool thing about their brunch entrees is that you get a free alcoholic drink or glass of fresh-squeezed juice with that price. I opted for the passion punch with rum…


5 minutes after our drinks came and we ordered our food, our entrees appeared! It was like magic.

I ordered the country breakfast which consisted of cheddar grits, grilled ham steak, biscuit, and gravy. Everything except for the cheddar grits was just mediocre. I ate it all ’cause I was starving, but there was nothing special about this dish except for the AMAZING cheddar grits. Even my friends wanted more and more tastes of the grits. They were cheesy and creamy and oh so good. The biscuit could have been warmer, softer, doughy-er, and fresher. The ham wasn’t that great. The eggs tasted like those fake eggs from a carton or a box – YIKES! I probably could’ve gotten the same quality at McD’s (not sure why I keep mentioning them ’cause I hate that place).

One person ordered the potato waffle benedict with spinach and carmelized onion. His dish was cold. Like… COLD. After sending it back, the waiter appeared a minute later with a hot dish. This person was not pleased with his meal. He didn’t even eat a full 1/3. I tasted the potato waffle and thought it wasn’t horrible, but I’m also obsessed with potatoes, especially hash browns which this reminded me of.

Another friend ordered the vanilla bean french toast with maple butter and caramelized bananas. I didn’t think this dish was awful, but I’ve had better (that’s what she said). It just didn’t WOW any of us…

Lastly, my friend ordered the special lobster benedict. If you could have seen the look on her face… It was just like “WTF this is not worth whatever I’m paying for it.” It looks nice and pretty, but apparently it was very bland, not fresh, and not memorable in a good way. Eh whatever, it’s seafood. And, after all, we don’t talk about seafood 😛

So… There ya have it! The food I absolutely hated in NYC. On a positive note, the food I loved will be featured next!


2 thoughts on “#NYC Worst Eats

  1. Thanks, Ziggy! Peter Luger was such a waste, but I’m not dwelling anymore. I’ll be posting my favorite NYC eats momentarily 🙂

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